New Echobot Malware Spreads Via 26 Different Exploits

According to this link,, security researchers have found a new Mirai variant called Echobot that targets a wide range of IoT devices and enterprise apps.  Echobot is based on Mirai malware, like hundreds of other botnets that emerged once the source code became publicly available  Uses 26 exploits to propagate  The targets of the latest Echobot variant include network-attached storage […]

Disinformation Effort Targeted At EU Parliament Elections

According to Reuters and The FT, who have both seen the report, Russian sources mounted a disinformation effort in order to ‘suppress turnout and influence voter references’ at the elections. Alongside this, both outlets have confirmed that the report calls for social media companies to do better, claiming they fell short in their efforts to tackle malicious […]

Deepfake Videos Could ‘Spark’ Violent Social Unrest – Comment

Tips for Parents on How to keep their Little Gamers Safe?

Yesterday, the Foreign Policy Research Institute stated that deepfake videos could spark violent outbreaks and social unrest. Commenting on this, Kelvin Murray, Senior Threat Researcher at Webroot, believes that deepfakes hold little use in today’s society, but will continue to evolve as more advanced technology becomes available.  Kelvin Murray, Senior Threat Researcher at Webroot:  “Deepfakes create a number of very real […]

What Is A VPN Protocol And Which One Should You Use?

VPN protocols define how data is running between the VPN server and your computer or smartphone. Each VPN protocols has its own specification that provides advantages (and sometimes disadvantages) in a wide variety of circumstances depending on your goals. For example, some VPN protocols focus on download speed, while other protocols prioritize security and privacy. […]

Highly Dangerous Hacking Group Is Now Targeting Power Grids

Hackers that tried to interfere with the safety systems of an industrial plant are now looking at power utilities too, according to a cybersecurity company. Dragos identified the XENOTIME activity group expanded its targeting beyond oil and gas to the electric utility sector. This expansion to a new vertical illustrates a trend that will likely continue for other […]