NotPetya – Two Years On From “The Most Destructive And Costly Cyber-Attack In History”

On 27 June 2017, the Russian military launched nation-state destroyer attack NotPetya. Causing an estimated $10 billion in damages, the White House described it as “the most destructive and costly cyber-attack in history”.   In June 2017, the malware NotPetya spread from Ukraine to some of the largest businesses worldwide. It then racked up more $10 billion in damages. […]

Chinese Cloud Hopper Hacks

Report by Reuters highlighting the Chinese ‘Cloud Hopper’ attacks (seemingly linked to ATP 10) that have affected a host of companies, from HPE to Ericsson and IBM as well as various customers such as Nuclear submarine constructor Huntington Ingalls. Expert Comments:   Piers Wilson, Head of Product Management at Huntsman Security:   “Today’s report highlighting the depth […]

AI Finds Far More Fake Apps On Google Play Than Previous Approaches

Study findings from the University of Sydney and CSIRO’s Data61 examined the prevalence of counterfeit Android applications on Google Play used AI to identify probable fraudulent apps prior to testing them, and discovered 2,040 potential fraudulent apps mimicking popular apps within a reviewed group of 49,608 apps. The study A Multi-modal Neural Embeddings Approach for Detecting Mobile Counterfeit Apps cites “1,565 potential counterfeits asking for […]

A Origin That Could Have Exposed 300 Million Players To Account Takeovers

A flaw was found in EA Origin that could have exposed 300 million players to account takeovers. The flaw would have allowed hackers to hijack people’s accounts without stealing their login or passwords. That’s because it would steal a Single Sign-On authorization token instead, which could give complete control for hackers. The security researchers that discovered the […]

Fingerprint Biometrics As The Future Of Retail

The need for fingerprint biometrics in retail has never been more acute. While traditional high street sales continue to decline, leading to retail store vacancy rates hitting a four-year high, retailers acknowledge their survival lies in providing memorable, immersive and personalised customer experiences. Stand-out customer service, fuelled by customer data insights to help retailers deliver personalised and targeted customer relations, including top-level loyalty […]