SmartMate Database Leak: Expert Commentary


SmartMate, a smart home management platform, is leaking data about its customers and their device passwords via an ElasticSearch server that it left exposed on the internet without a password. The server belongs to Orvibo, a Chinese company based in the city of Shenzen, which runs SmartMate, a platform for managing smart appliances in a modern smart home.  Smart home […]

Sudan Meal Project: Instagram Scammers Exploiting Support For Protesters

The BBC has reported that scammers making bogus claims about sending aid to Sudan in exchange for clicks have continued to crop up on Instagram despite the exposure and suspension of fraudulent accounts, some of which had hundreds of thousands of followers. This serves as a reminder of the opportunistic nature of scammers on social media services and the […]

Why Fraud Detection Needs A Reboot

Fraud occurs every day across a variety of industries, causing trillions in losses each year. While financial services and banking are among the hardest-hit industries, other frequent targets include retail, health care, information technology, government/public administration and utilities. In some segments, fraud has reached the highest levels on record, affecting more organisations than ever. The pervasiveness of the […]