NHS Under Greater Threat From Cyber-Attackers

Private technology companies providing IT to the NHS need greater scrutiny over hacking threats to patient data amid “deficient” security monitoring.  Technology firms storing patient on online databases could be targeted by hackers, a report into healthcare cyber security has warned, with several US health technology companies hit by cyber-attacks and data breaches in recent years.  […]

US Wants To Isolate Power Grids With ‘Retro’ Technology To Limit Cyber-Attacks

Its been reported that the US is very close to improving power grid security by mandating the use of “retro” (analog, manual) technologies on US power grids as a defensive measure against foreign cyber-attacks that could bring down power distribution as a result. The idea is to use “retro” technology to isolate the grid’s most important control systems, […]

Flaws In Arlo Security Systems Potentially Expose Millions

Earlier today, security researchers disclosed several vulnerabilities impacting Arlo security systems — including baby monitors and wire-free cameras — that would give attackers complete control of the devices, including viewing private video footage and tampering with feeds. The vulnerabilities were found in Arlo’s base stations (firmware version which are used to power the company’s various products. By […]

The Cybersecurity Issues With 5G-Enabled IoT

This summer has already seen the launch of individual 5G networks across the UK, with more to come. Matthew Aldridge, Senior Solutions Architect at Webroot, believes that while there are obvious positives associated with 5G – decreased latency and increased bandwidth – there are cybersecurity issues with the technology that 5G enables, mainly IoT.    Vulnerabilities within IoT […]

Ex-Head Of IDF’s Cyber Department: “This Is The Turning Point Of Cybersecurity”

Col. Ret. Zohar Rozenberg, VP Cyber Investments at Elron, spoke in the 3rd International Symposium on Cyber Security Cryptology and Machine learning, about the opportunities and challenges associated with ML/AI based cyber security solutions  Col Zohar Rozenberg of Elron, an Israeli VC company, spoke at the International Symposium in Israel about how data for ML/AI can be […]