Four Questions Organisations Need To Ask After A Cyber Attack

Cyber attacks are inevitable, but it’s how an organisation deals with them that can make or break their business. Have they got all the answers, and do they fully understand the implications? Can they be sure the attack won’t happen again?  Swift and comprehensive incident response is a critical step to ensuring the future security of a business […]

American Express Customers Targeted By Novel Phishing Campaign

Following the news that a new phishing scam is targeting American Express users with a message full of grammatical errors but which used a base HTML element to hide the malicious URL from antispam solutions, Corin Imai, senior security advisor at DomainTools commented below.   Corin Imai, Senior Security Advisor at DomainTools: “Users should remember that when an […]

Stalkerware Apps Found On Google Play

Mobile threat researchers at Avast have detected seven apps on the Google Play Store that were all likely designed by a Russian developer to allow people to stalk employees, romantic partners, or kids. Avast detected and reported four of the apps to Google yesterday, who removed them from the Play Store. Today, the researchers detected […]

Online Dating Can Benefit From Identity Verification And Biometric Authentication In 2019


When it comes to fraud, consumers will likely think of common threats like identity theft, credit card fraud, fraudulent bank transactions — the list goes on. However, cybercriminals are constantly evolving, and now online dating sites and applications are in the crosshairs. To be clear, fraud in online dating isn’t new — the term “catfishing” became […]

Maryland 1.4M Students’, 200K Teachers’ Personal Data Exposed


Yesterday The Washington Post reported that sensitive, personally identifiable information of more than 1.4 million students and more than 200,000 teachers was improperly stored by the Maryland State Department of Education, leaving them at risk of identity theft:    Maryland says confidential data must be encrypted. For 1.4M students, it wasn’t.  Experts Comments:  Jonathan Deveaux, Head of Enterprise Data Protection […]

Should You Worry About Privacy When Using FaceApp?

FaceApp has gone viral thanks to an Age Challenge which involves using the app to augment your face to look like an old person. It uses artificial intelligence to edit a picture in your phone gallery and transforms the image into someone double or triple your age. And whilst the AI-influenced makeovers are funny and eerily correct, using […]

More Than 800,000 Systems Still Vulnerable To BlueKeep

It has been reported that despite alerts from Microsoft and the U.S. government, more than 800,000 online systems have yet to patch the Windows RDP vulnerability two months after it was disclosed.The critical vulnerability affects the remote desktop protocol (RDP) in older windows OSes such as Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Server 2008. The Vulnerability could allow unauthorised parties to […]