Researchers Trick AI Algorithm Into Trusting Malware

Security researchers at Skylight Cyber have discovered a way to bypass a Machine Learning algorithm from Cylance, inserting code from a benign file that’s been previously marked as safe. The algorithm is weighted to automatically trust this code, so will mark files containing it as safe, even if they contain malware or have been identified as malicious […]

Fake Office 365 Site Pushes Trickbot Trojan As Browser Update

Attackers have created a fake Office 365 site that is distributing the TrickBot password-stealing Trojan disguised as Chrome and Firefox browser updates. In BleepingComputer’s testing, this fake Office 365 site found by MalwareHunterTeam looks like any site that would normally belong to Microsoft. In fact all of its links point to pages hosted on Microsoft domains.  Expert Comments:  Corin Imai, Senior Security Advisor at DomainTools: […]

Foreign Hackers Still Actively Targeting US Political Organisations

Hackers: How Much do they Really Make?

It has been reported that tech giant Microsoft says it has detected more than 740 infiltration attempts by nation-state actors in the past year targeting U.S.-based political parties, campaigns and other democracy-focused organisations including think tanks and other nonprofits. Microsoft did not say how many infiltration attempts were successful but noted in a blog post Wednesday that such targeting similarly […]

Security Experts On Millions Of Chinese Citizens Exposed via Loan Apps Leaking Location And

Three Questions about Online Security

Researchers have discovered financial data, personally identifiable information (PII), and real-time location of millions of Chinese users have been leaked by an open Elastic cluster hosted on infrastructure owned by Aliyun Computing Co (also known as Alibaba Cloud). The highly sensitive information was added to the publicly-accessible database by over 100 mobile loan-related apps used by Chinese people when applying […]

EvilGnome, A New Backdoor Implant Spies On Linux Users

Linux worm targeting Routers, Set-top boxes and Security Cameras with PHP vulnerability

According to this link,, security researchers have discovered a rare piece of Linux spyware that’s currently fully undetected across all major antivirus security software products, and includes rarely seen functionalities with regards to most Linux malware.  Designed to take desktop screenshots, steal files, capture audio recording from the user’s microphone as well as download and […]

10 Most Neglected Data Security Best Practices

The 2018 Netwrix IT Risks Report explores how organizations are working to ensure compliance and beat cyber threats. Unfortunately, the results indicate that organizations aren’t doing enough to defeat the bad guys. Here are the 10 most neglected security best practices:  1. Classify data based on its sensitivity.  Security experts recommend that organizations classify data at least twice per year […]

Kaspersky On The New FaceApp Challenge

OS X El Capitan

Surrounding the current spotlight on the new FaceApp age challenge, Kaspersky has revealed a fake application that pretends to be FaceApp. This app infects the victims’ devices with an adware module called MobiDash.  Kaspersky warns users vs. fake FaceApp — MSN Philippines (@msnph) July 19, 2019 Expert Comments:  Igor Golovin, Security Researcher at Kaspersky:   “Kaspersky has identified […]

With FaceApp In The Spotlight, New Scams Emerge

ESET researchers discover fraudulent schemes piggybacking on the popularity of the face-modifying tool FaceApp, using a fake “Pro” version of the application as a lure.    The latest hype around the FaceApp application has attracted scammers who want to make a quick profit. The FaceApp application, which offers various face-modifying filters, is available for both Android and iOS. While the app […]

Weary Eyes And Fictitious Faces: Why Fingerprints Are Best For Biometric Authentication

Biometric technology is already revolutionising both physical and cyber-security in the UK. While the latest breakthroughs are impressive, we’re only just touching the tip of the iceberg. Regardless of which method we’re using – whether it is fingerprint, facial, retinal or voice recognition solutions – there is no escaping the fact that biometric developments have been incorporated […]