Safeguarding Against Insider Threats In Contact Centres

Vigilant Cybersecurity Requires a Security Operations Center

No business is immune from the risk of insider fraud. The latest CIFAS Employee FraudScape report actually shows that 381 cases of fraud were committed by a company’s own staff in the UK in the last year alone – an alarming number. There’s no lack of examples, either. In 2018, healthcare leader Bupa was the victim of an employee […]

Increasing Activity Of Mirai Malware

Malware Ranks First

The incidents of Mirai malware with 60 known variants targeting the enterprise through IoT devices, has more than doubled between the first quarter of 2018 through the first quarter of 2019 according to IBM X-Force researchers.    Expert Comments:  Bob Noel, VP of Strategic Relationships at Plixer:   “Without dynamic identification, classification and policy enforcement of enterprise […]

iNSYNQ Ransomware Leaves Customers In The Dark

Brian Krebs broke the story today that Cloud hosting provider iNSYNQ is trying to recover from a ransomware attack that shut down its network and has left customers unable to access their accounting data for the past three days. Unfortunately for iNSYNQ, the company appears to be turning a deaf ear to the increasingly anxious cries from its users for […]

Virtual Meetings Are Great… Until They Are Hacked

According to research from analyst, Frost & Sullivan, the overall video and web conferencing market is on a high growth trajectory and is forecast to grow from $8.5 billion in 2017 to $11.0 billion by 2023. This expansion is also in turn, fuelling growth in virtual meetings, which offers participants a wide range of advantages from cost savings […]

Slack Resets User Passwords After 2015 Data Breach

Slack will reset the passwords of users it believes are affected by a historical data breach that affected the company more than four years ago. In 2015, the company said it was hit by hackers who gained access to its user profile database, including their scrambled passwords. But the hackers inserted code that scraped the […]