$224M SIM Swap Fraud Lawsuit Against AT&T – Federal Judge Refuses To Dismiss Case


A federal judge has refused to dismiss a $224M lawsuit against telecom giant AT&T for a SIM swap attack that led to $24 million in stolen cryptocurrency.    AT&T is facing court over allegations it violated the Federal Communications Act, a consumer contract, as well as several other laws, when hackers assumed the identity (and telephone account) of […]

Security And Collaboration – Opposites That Attract

With database breaches and ransomware attacks making daily news, security is now a top priority for companies, and collaboration solutions are no exception. In the current age of global connectivity, video conferencing and collaboration technologies have become an inescapable part of doing business. Business partners and remote employees around the world rely on these solutions […]

Comment: Russian Defense Contractor Developing Smartphone Spyware

Windows OS for Mobile

A Russian defence contractor accused by the United States of supporting cyber-attacks has developed sophisticated software used to spy on smartphones, an American security company said on Wednesday.  St. Petersburg-based Special Technology Center (STC) developed code that has been aimed at a small number of targets, including those interested in a rebel militia in Russian-allied Syria.  Experts Comments July […]