Defence Against The Dark Arts

Any CIO (and there are a lot of them) can tell you that defence against cyberattacks is a core issue facing their corporation. All companies need defensive techniques that defend them against any form of cyberattack that is used to cause harm, exert control over, or even kill a company’s ability to operate. And, today […]

New Krebs Findings On Bulletproof Proxy Networks & Automated Cyber Threats

Deliver Secure and Trusted Linux Containers to the Enterprise

In response to findings published today in Krebs on Security on The Rise of “Bulletproof” Residential Networks, an expert with Cequence Security offers perspective on Brian Krebs’ research and Cequence Security’s own recent findings on Bulletproof Proxy Networks. Experts Comments August 20, 2019 Will Glazier + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Head of CQ Prime Research […]

Texas Cyber Attack Has Taken 23 Government Agencies Offline

It has been reported that the Department of Information Resources (DIR) has confirmed that the state of Texas has been responding to a cyber-attack that has affected at least 23 government agencies. Details are at a minimum at the moment as the Department of Information Resources (DIR) leads the response and investigation into the attacks. Texas released […]