Identity And Security: A Perfect Match

It is no secret that there has been a steep rise in the number of cybercriminals looking to target businesses to obtain personal data and intellectual property. Last year, the ICO issued a record breaking total of monetary penalties – 22 fines totalling over £3million to businesses not protecting this data. While new research from […]

What To Do When Ransomware Strikes

An employee walks over to your office, fingers fidgeting and brow sweating. They tell you that there’s something you have to see. Concerned, you quickly rush to their desk. On their computer screen is a single message that reads: “We have gained access to your computer and your files have been encrypted. If you want […]

MoviePass Exposes 161M Records

It was recently reported that movie ticket subscription service MoviePass has exposed tens of thousands of customer card numbers because a critical server was not protected with a password. The database contained 161 million records at the time of writing and growing in real-time. Many of the records were normal computer-generated logging messages used to […] Hacked To Inject Payment Card Stealing Script

A curious case of web-based card skimming activity revealed that the Poker Tracker website had been compromised and loaded a Magecart script – code that steals payment information from customers. Online poker enthusiasts use the Poker Tracker software suite to improve their winning chances by making decisions based on statistics compiled from the opponents’ gameplay, […]

Apple’s iOS 12.4 Update Leaves iPhones Open To Jailbreaking

Jailbroken Phones

It has been reported that iPhone hackers have discovered Apple’s most recent iOS update, 12.4, released in July, accidentally reopened a code-execution vulnerability that was previously patched – a vulnerability that can be abused to jail-break iThings. A security researcher going by the name of Pwn20wnd released a public jailbreak that exploits the reintroduced bug, and marks one of the first free […]