Alexa: How Secure Is My Smart Home?

Baby monitors, CCTV tools and smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are all handy additions to today’s modern home. A quarter of Britons now own one or more smart home devices, and by 2023 every home in the UK is expected to contain at least 50 of them. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for consumers to […]

NSA Exploits Used By Worm-cryptominer Combo To Attack Systems


It has been reported that security researchers recently found and analysed a worm-cryptominer combo that pauses the resource-intensive cryptomining process if it finds popular games running on the victim’s machine.. The malware combines Python and PowerShell to create a cryptocurrency miner, which also has a worm-like component that helps it move laterally and infect victims by using vulnerabilities such as […]