Microsoft Contractors Listened To Xbox Owners In Their Homes

Microsoft’s Walled-Garden of Virtualisation

Vice reported that contractors working for Microsoft have listened to audio of Xbox users speaking in their homes in order to improve the console’s voice command features, Motherboard has learned. The audio was supposed to be captured following a voice command like “Xbox” or “Hey Cortana,” but contractors said that recordings were sometimes triggered and recorded by […]

Over 80 Percent Of Organisations Find Securing The Cloud “Difficult”

In light of the recent Capital One data breach, where a misconfiguration in a cloud server resulted in a hacker exploiting 100 million customer accounts, a new study from Tripwire has found that 84 percent of organisations find maintaining security configurations across cloud services difficult.   The study conducted by Tripwire surveyed security professionals attending […]

Cyber Threats Against Financial Services Up 56%

Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity at Work

It has been reported that, according to security firm ZeroFox, there has been a 56% year-over-year increase in digital threats targeting the financial space. Researchers scanned 2.9 billion pieces of content and found more than 8.9 million security events in a 12-month period. Brand abuse and manipulation was the most common threat, with more than 250,000 events. […]

New Botnet Revealed, Takes Over Malware Web Servers

A major botnet operation has been attacking and taking over the web shells (backdoors on web servers) of other malware operations for more than a year, security researchers from Positive Technologies have revealed. Researchers linked the botnet to a former Windows trojan named Neutrino (also known as Kasidet), whose operators appear to have shifted from targeting […]