Glupteba Malware Uses Bitcoin Blockchain To Update C2 Domains

A new variant of the Glupteba malware dropper is using the Bitcoin blockchain to fetch command and control (C2) server domains from Bitcoin transactions marked with OP_RETURN script opcodes. Glupteba has been previously distributed as a secondary payload by the Alureon Trojan as part of a 2011 campaign designed to push clickjacking contextual advertising, as well as by the threat actors behind Operation Windigo onto […]

3 Strategies For Protecting Your Network Against DNS Hijacking

More than any other digital communications infrastructure, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the domain name system. The DNS, often referred to as the phone directory of the internet, is vulnerable to hijacking, a serious and growing threat. A variation known as the Sea Turtle attack is especially dangerous, threatening organizations, customers, users, and the DNS infrastructure itself. […]

Chinese APT Group Targeting Fortinet And Pulse Servers


A group of Chinese state-sponsored hackers known as APT5 is targeting enterprise VPN servers from Fortinet and Pulse Secure after details about security flaws in both products became public knowledge last month. Scoop: APT5, a Chinese state-sponsored group, is now going after Pulse Secure and Fortinet VPN servers No surprise here, as these VPN servers are the […]

Experts Dots On Partner Exposes Resumes And CVs For Applicants From 2014 Through 2017

Healthcare Professionals Putting Patient Data at Risk

Amidst reports that an exposed web server storing résumés of job seekers — including from recruitment site Monster — has been found online. The relative numbers are small compared to other breaches, but is a known consumer-facing brand. The server contained résumés and CVs for job applicants spanning between 2014 and 2017, many of which included private information like […]