North Korean Spear-Phishing Campaign Attacks U.S. Firms – Expert Commentary

Snapchat Isolated Email Phishing Scam

Prevailion researchers discovered an ongoing, spear-phishing campaign coined “Autumn Aperture” that targets U.S.-based firms . The campaign is possibly linked to the North Korean Kimusky threat actors and involves sending victims trojanized documents over email. Additionally, the hackers utilize obscure file formats, making them difficult to detect by antivirus products.

Security Is Making Remote Working Too Difficult

According to recent research by Capita, Organisations are failing to adequately support secure remote working practices. Despite the undoubted productivity benefits stemming from more flexible working practices, only half (52%) of the 2000 UK knowledge workers Capita surveyed said BYOD was an option for them. Even fewer, just 14%, said they were encouraged to use their […]

Garmin SA Shopping Portal Breach Leads To Payment Data Theft

Garmin Southern Africa (Garmin SA) has disclosed in a series of notifications sent to its customers that payment and sensitive personal information were stolen from orders placed on the shopping portal. “We recently discovered theft of customer data from orders placed through (operated by Garmin South Africa) that compromised your personal data related to an order […]

Experts Comments: Personal Records Of Most Of Ecuador’s Population Leaked


It has been reported that the personal records of most of Ecuador’s population, including children, has been left exposed online due to a misconfigured database. The database, an Elasticsearch searver, was discovered two weeks ago and contained a total of approximately 20.8 million user records, a number larger than the country’s total population count. The […]