Experts Comments Linux Malware (Skidmap) Illicit Cryptocurrency Mining

As part of our experts’ comment series, please find below comments from security experts on Linux malware (Skidmap) disguising itself on infected machines for the purpose of unlawful cryptocurrency mining,   BREAKING NEWS: Skidmap, a Linux malware, now mines crypto on your computer in complete stealth. This virus also gives complete backdoor access to the hackers as […]

Improving Safety At The Rugby World Cup, On And Off The Pitch

This year’s rugby world cup in Japan will be the biggest and most tech-enabled incarnation yet. It doesn’t have a choice. The modern-day sporting spectacle is invariably a hyper-connected production of dizzying permutations and potential. 1,8 million tickets will change hands and 400,000 rugby fans will descend on the Land of the Rising Sun from […]

New Algorithms Identify Twitter Cyber-Bullies

It has been reported that scientists have developed new machine learning algorithms which can successfully identify bullies and aggressors on Twitter with 90 per cent accuracy. New algorithm spots Twitter bullies 'with 90% accuracy' — Sky News (@SkyNews) September 17, 2019   Experts Comments September 18, 2019 Igor Baikalov + Follow Me – UnFollow […]

New LogMeIn Central Report Reveals Seven Trends & Threats Facing SMB IT

Research finds implementing RMM solution saves IT professionals ~$50,000 per year Central by LogMeIn today released its findings of a new global report, “Uncovering the Latest IT Trends, Threats, & ROI Solutions Deliver” revealing current market trends, security concerns, and quantification of the value IT solutions deliver. In addition, the report uncovers best practices to keep companies […]

Experts Insight On Data Of 24.3 Million Patients Exposed Online

Commitment to Online Trust and Security

Greenbone Networks has released details of new research in to the security of the servers used by health providers across the world to store images of X-rays as well as CT, MRI and other medical scans. Of the 2,300 medical image archive systems worldwide that Greenbone analysed between mid-July and early September 2019, 590 of them […]

LastPass And Malicious Websites Extract Your Last Used Password

LastPass has patched a bug that would have allowed a malicious website to extract a previous password entered by the service’s browser extension. It was reported that that the bug was discovered by Tavis Ormandy, a researcher in Google’s Project Zero team, and was disclosed in a bug report dated August 29th. Experts Comments September 18, 2019 Robert Capps […]