Millions Of Lion Air Passenger Records Breached – Expert Commentary

Commitment to Online Trust and Security

Subsidiaries of Indonesian low-cost airline Lion Air, including Malindo Air and Thai Lion Air, have suffered a massive data breach, resulting in the information of millions of passengers being leaked onto data exchange forums. The breached data includes: full names home addresses email addresses dates of birth phone numbers passport numbers and expiration dates The […]

Thinkful Resets All User Passwords After Security Breach

It has been reported that Thinkful, an online education site for developers, has confirmed a data breach, just days after it confirmed it would be acquired. The email to users said that although the company said it’s seen “no evidence” of any unauthorised access to user’s account data, it did not rule out any improper access to […]

Experts Comments On Magecart Attack On Hotel Websites Through The Supply Chain

Roomleader, a digital marketing and web development services provider that helps hospitality companies build out their online booking functionality through their library module which saves viewed hotel information in visitors’ browser cookies, was the victim of a magecart attack according to a Trend Micro Report. The hackers injected malicious code into Roomleader’s “Viewed Hotels” module initiating […]

The Evolution Of Cybersecurity

Demands and expertise of the security industry are driven by technological advancement on both sides of the attack/defence fence Increased computer power, artificial intelligence, and tools on the Dark Web are equipping cyber attackers with the resources to launch more sophisticated and destructive attacks. Reactive defenses are no longer enough to stop attackers from infiltrating […]

Experts Comments: NHS Trust Uncovers Insider Threat

NHS employee was found accessing medical records of over 2,000 patients. The employee had legitimate access to the trust’s electronic health record system, but was accessing them over a period of 18 months with no legitimate reason for doing so.