US Utility Firms Targeted By Spear-phishing Campaign – Comments

It has been reported by Proofpoint that 17 US utility firms have been hit by phishing attacks to install LookBack malware. While no formal attribution has been made, it is suspected that the state-sponsored group APT10 may be behind the attacks. Experts Comments September 25, 2019 Stuart Reed + Follow Me – UnFollow Me UK […]

Identity And AI: The Recipe For A Strong Fraud Defence

Sibos has kicked off in London this week and the theme for this year is “Thriving in a hyper-connected world.” The market has long demanded quicker and more convenient payment methods, and the industry is now answering with ubiquitous payments. Yet at what cost? PSD2 and open banking are now established in the legislative framework, […]

The Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic Email Leak

Almost 2,000 transgender patients had their personal details leaked by a leading London gender identity clinic last week. A member of staff at The Charing Cross Gender Identity clinic accidentally CC’d patients into an email revealing the names and email addresses of hundreds of other clients. The leak represents a serious breach of patient confidentiality […]

Dubai Company Loses $53,000 In Targeted Cyber Attack

It has been reported that a Dubai-based exhibitions firm has lost $53,000 (Dh194,700) in an elaborate phishing attack. Binu Manaf, CEO and managing director of Cheers Exhibition, said a cybercriminal hacked his firm’s email and then used a spoofed email to trick its client to wire the funds into an overseas bank.The CEO said he didn’t realise […]

Comments On Account Hijacking Campaign Hits YouTube Influencers


It has been reported that a coordinated phishing campaign hit a yet unknown number of prominent YouTube influencers specialising in gaming, car industry, tech, and other topics. YouTube account hacks were possible due to phishing campaigns – the attackers sent out phishing emails to the influencers’ accounts which led them to spoofed sites, asking for their Google login credentials, which […]

Security Experts Perspective On Quantum Supremacy Posting By Google

The Financial Times reports that Google briefly published a paper on the NASA website titled “Quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor” – which was then taken down (which retrieved a copy before it was taken down).  Google’s quantum computer was said to have solved in 3 minutes and 20 seconds a calculation that would take the world’s fastest […]

Microsoft Releases Out-of-band Security Update To Fix IE Zero-day & Defender Bug

Microsoft Patch Tuesday

It has been reported that Microsoft has released an emergency out-of-band security update today to fix two critical security issues — a zero-day vulnerability in the Internet Explorer scripting engine that has been exploited in the wild, and a Microsoft Defender bug. Experts Comments September 24, 2019 Satnam Narang + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Senior Research Engineer […]