Ex-Yahoo Engineer Hacked Accounts To Steal Pornography

A former Yahoo engineer has confessed to breaking into as many as 6,000 email accounts belonging to Yahoo users. Once he had access to an email inbox, he scoured other online accounts belonging to his victims — who were primarily young women — for private photos and videos The photos and videos were gathered from […]

Senate Passes Bill To Combat Ransomware Attacks

Attacks on private US PCs

The U.S. Senate has approved new legislation aimed at helping government agencies and private-sector companies combat ransomware attacks. The legislation comes as local governments and schools continue to be hit by sophisticated – and in some cases coordinated – ransomware attacks. The proposed law, the “DHS Cyber Hunt and Incident Response Teams Act,” authorizes the Department of Homeland Security […]

VDI Takeover, James Bond Style

Many cybersecurity professionals mistakenly believe virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is an effective way to combat cybercriminals, or at minimum slow them down. Conventional wisdom says that by separating desktop images from the desktop itself – requiring users to have permission to access server-hosted desktop images from thin or thick clients – you’re erecting a barrier […]

Scary Security Stats From 2019

What Halloween Feature Films Teach us

Arkose Labs   · Over half of all logins (53%) on social media sites are fraudulent and 25% of all new account applications on social media are fraud (source: Arkose Labs Q3 Fraud and Abuse Report)  · More than 75% of attacks on social media are automated bot attacks. Unlike other industries, account takeover attacks are more common for […]

FireEye Latest Research: How To Avoid Imposter Browser Updates


This morning, cybersecurity research firm FireEye released a report on how cyber attackers increasingly targeting organizations with multimillion-dollar disruptive ransomware via “FakeUpdates,” or imposter browser updates. The research furthers the notion that attackers are continuing to evolve their TTPs especially as fewer victims opt to pay the ransom.