Experts Insight On FBI Issues ‘High-Impact’ Cyber Attack Warning

According to reports, the FBI has issued a warning advising organisations on how they should handle ransom demands. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Centre has urged all organisations and individuals that are infected by a ransomware not to pay any money to hackers in exchange of a decryption key. Instead, they should report the incident to FBI officials […]

Comments: New WhatsApp Malicious GIF Image Flaw

It has been reported that a new bug has been disclosed; one that allows an attacker to use a malicious GIF image file to open a vulnerability in WhatsApp and potentially access user content. The bug was identified and shared by “technologist and information security enthusiast” Awakened on Github, with a detailed explanation of how it works. Essentially, the bug relies […]

Experts On EA Leaks Personal Data For ‘FIFA 20’

It has been reported that Electronic Arts have come under fire for accidentally leaking the personal information of thousands of FIFA players, pros and streamers. This comes just a couple of days after the gaming giant announced that all users who enable Login Verification (EA’s internal name for two-factor authentication) for their accounts would get free access to Origin Access for a month. […]

Check Point Traces Cyberattacks On Egyptian Activists To Government

A series of sophisticated cyberattacks targeting Egyptian journalists, academics, lawyers, opposition politicians and human rights activists has been traced to Egyptian government offices, according to new research published today by Check Point Research.  The attackers installed malware on the phones of the target people, enabling them to read victims’ files and emails, track their locations, […]