EA Giving Away Free Month To Users Who Enable 2FA

Gaming giant EA announced yesterday that all users who enable Login Verification (EA’s internal name for two-factor authentication) for their accounts would get free access to Origin Access for a month. Here are EA’s conditions: Current Origin Access Basic members – if they turn on 2FA, they won’t be charged next month, which is November […]

Local Authorities Hit By 800 Cyber Attacks Every Hour

Today, Gallagher, one of the world’s largest insurance broking, risk management and consulting services companies, publishes research based on FOI responses received from UK local authorities between August and September of this year, quantifying the scale of cyber threat faced by councils across the UK: Freedom of information (FOI) requests by Gallagher found that 101 […]

Experts On Attackers Exploit Zero-Day Vulnerability That Gives Full Control Of Android Phones

Google Flaw that could Grant Remote Access to Devices

It has been reported that attackers are exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in Google’s Android mobile operating system that can give them full control of at least 18 different phone models, including four different Pixel models, a member of Google’s Project Zero research group said on Thursday night. There’s evidence the vulnerability is being actively exploited, either by […]

Magecart Attacks Expand – Expert Comments

The Malwarebytes research team has linked the Cobalt and Group 4 cybercriminal teams with Magecart. Their findings show that Group 4 is conducting server-side attacks as well as client-side skimming: #Magecart: New Research Shows the State of a Growing Threat https://t.co/uHtTdgf7x0 pic.twitter.com/I2vyyT7udg — filippo mottini (@teoseller) October 7, 2019

Comments: Details Of 92 Million Brazilians Auctioned On Underground Forums

Someone is auctioning on underground forums a database allegedly containing personal information of 92 million Brazilian citizens. They claim that every record is real and unique.The seller also advertises a search service focused on Brazilians, saying that they can dig up details about an individual starting from minimum initial data. [92 Million unique] records of […]