Over Two Thirds Of Organisations Breached Due To Insider Threat

Code42 has released new research showing employees take more risks with data than employers think, leaving organisations open to insider threat. Some key points: Over two-thirds (69%) of organizations say they were breached due to an insider threat and confirm they had a prevention solution in place at the time of the breach. Over three-quarters […]

Healthcare Cyber Attack That Put 1-Million New Zealanders At Risk

Cybercriminals have stolen the personal information of 1-million New Zealanders after Tū Ora Compass Health that provides data services to 4 other healthcare companies, was hacked. Tū Ora suffered four cyberattacks dating back to 2016 according to the Government Communications Security Bureau’s (GCSB) National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).  

Comment: Deepfake Videos ‘Double In Nine Months’

Banking online

New research shows an alarming surge in the creation of so-called deepfake videos, with the number online almost doubling in the last nine months. While much of the concern about deepfakes has centred on their use for political purposes, the evidence is that pornography, including revenge and fake celebrity porn, accounts for an overwhelming majority […]

Security Experts On Twitter, Facebook Could Be Facing Billions In GDPR Fines After Ireland Investigations

Twitter and Facebook could be facing billions in fines after Ireland investigations. Ireland’s Data Protection Commission has concluded investigations into Facebook’s WhatsApp and Twitter over possible breaches of EU data privacy rules. The investigations will now move into the decision-making phase, according to Graham Doyle, head of communications for Ireland’s DPC. During this next phase, Ireland’s chief data […]