Comment: US Government Institutions Not Complying With Cybersecurity Laws

New cybersecurity tools

An audit of Mississippi government institutions has revealed an alarming lack of compliance with standard cybersecurity practices and with the state’s own enterprise security program. A survey of 125 state agencies, boards, commissions, and universities conducted by the Office of the State Auditor (OSA) revealed that only 53 had a cybersecurity policy in place. Eleven reported […]

Comments On New Malware Spies On Diplomats, High-Profile Government Targets

A new modular and malware designed to target diplomatic and government entities was spotted by ESET researchers while being utilized in attacks aimed at Russian-speaking individuals for at least 7 years. The espionage malware strain dubbed Attor by the researchers comes with some unusual capabilities including the use of encrypted modules, Tor-based communications, and a plugin designed for […]

Expert Recommendation On New Phishing Scam Asks For Bank PIN By Phone


Digital lawyer Peter Gundst details a phishing scam in which a caller claimed to be from his bank, asking him if he had used his card in a remote city (  When he said he hadn’t, the caller “blocked” the transaction and asked for his PIN and said they were sending a “verification PIN” that the […]

Social Exposure: Examining The Underlying Insecurities In The Future Of Robotics

The social influence of robots on people and the insecurities this can bring should not be underestimated. Research conducted by Kaspersky and Ghent University has found that robots can effectively extract sensitive information from people who trust them, by persuading them to take unsafe actions. For example, in certain scenarios, the presence of a robot […]