Experts Comments On Millions Of Amazon Echo And Kindle Devices Affected By Wi-Fi Bug

AWS Security

It has been reported that millions of Amazon Echo 1st generation and Amazon Kindle 8th generation are susceptible to an old WiFi vulnerability called KRACK that allows an attacker to perform a man in the middle attack against a WPA2 protected network. Using this attack, bad actors can decrypt packets sent by clients in order to steal sensitive information […]

CEO On ONS Cybercrime Stats Don’t Add Up

The ONS released its annual Crime Statistics in England and Wales today revealing a decline in computer misuse and computer virus offences. In case you’re planning to cover this news at all, please see below for comments in response from Mike Fenton, CEO at Redscan, the UK-based cyber security firm. Mike points to the […]

The Identity Challenge: How Can Banks Know Who’s Who?

Technology has transformed the world of banking, bringing all manner of new services to the table and revolutionising the way that customers manage their finances. Gone are the days of fixed branches and localised appointments. Today’s banking is done with the click of a button. However, technology has also brought with it new challenges, particularly […]

Experts Comments: Sophisticated Russian Hacking Group Is back In Action Again

A Russian cyberespionage operation which was one of the groups which hacked into Democratic National Committee in the run-up to the 2016 US Presidential election has been busy with attacks against government departments across Europe and beyond. The Cozy Bear hacking group – also known as APT29 – is believed to be associated with the Russian intelligence […]

Experts Reaction On UK Job App Exposes Thousands Of CVs Online

9 Ways You Can Get Hacked

It has been reported that Sonic Jobs, a UK retail and restaurant jobs app used by the Marriott and InterContinental hotel chains, has exposed over 29,000 CVs online revealing job-hunters’ names, addresses, phone numbers and career histories to potential cyber criminals. The firm made the settings on their cloud storage buckets public, which meant that when someone applied for […]

Leading iOS & Android Travel Apps Fail Security And Privacy Tests

Protect Against Insider Threats

Zimperium is releasing a new piece of research today which investigates 30 of the world’s leading travel applications to understand how they manage users’ security and privacy risks. The data is based on the most downloaded travel applications on iOS and Android, and as part of the study, mobile security researchers from Zimperium’s zLabs team assigned each […]