What Is A Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Designation?

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) A CISA, or Certified Information Systems Auditor is someone that is certified to audit information systems (computers and networks) and the internal controls that a company has put around them to protect them from attack and subsequent compromise. What is a CISA Designation? The CISA designation is assigned to those […]

Experts On American Cancer Society’s Online Store Infected With Credit Card Stealing Malware

News broke yesterday evening that The American Cancer Society’s online store has become the latest victim of credit card stealing malware. A security researcher found the malware on the organisation’s store website, buried in obfuscated code designed to look like legitimate analytics code. The code was designed to scrape credit card payments from the page. The attackers, known as […]

2,000 Georgia Websites Hacked In Cyber-Attacks – Experts Reaction

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It has been reported that some 2,000 websites in Georgia, including those of the president, courts, and media were hacked in a massive cyber-attack today. They displayed a photo of Georgia’s exiled former president Mikheil Saakashvili with an inscription “I’ll be back!” Interpress said the website for Georgia’s general jurisdiction courts as well as websites of a number […]

Experts Comments On French Online Fashion Store Sixth June Hacked

French fashion online store Sixth June is offering shoppers more than the latest in men and women streetwear apparel as the site was infected some time ago with code that steals payment card info at checkout. The infosec community typically refers to this type of scripts as MageCart because they initially targeted sites using the Magento […]

Security Researcher Gets Access To All Xiaomi Pet Feeders Around The World

It has been reported that a security researcher accidentally found a way to hack and take over all Xiaomi pet feeders located across the world. In a series of messages published on her private Telegram channel last week, the researcher said she identified vulnerabilities in the backend API and firmware of Xiaomi FurryTail smart pet feeders. She said that while looking […]

TrialWorks Held Up By Ransomware

TrialWorks, a company that provides legal case management software solutions for the legal industry has been hit with ransomware that  barred lawyers from accessing their legal documents and disrupted court proceedings.

Experts On UniCredit Reveals Data Breach Exposing 3 Million Customer Records

It has been reported that UniCredit has revealed a data breach resulting in the leak of information belonging to three million customers. On Monday, the Italian bank and financial services organisation said that a compromised file, generated in 2015, is the source of the security incident.’’ In total, roughly three million records were exposed, revealing the names, telephone numbers, […]