Why Sandboxing Is A More-than-worthwhile Addition To Your Network Protection

To anyone unfamiliar with the term, ‘sandboxing’ might sound like something that toddlers would like to do at nursery school – or maybe a specialist one-to-one combat beach sport. It’s neither, of course. Sandboxing is actually the term the network security community uses to describe the technique of isolating potentially dangerous files that may contain […]

Shining A Spotlight On UK Cyber Security Standards

Public sector organisations in the UK are in the midst of changing cyber security regulations. In mid-2018, the Government, in collaboration the NCSC, published a minimum set of cyber security standards. These standards are now mandated, along with a focus on continually “raising the bar”. The standards set minimum requirements for organisations to protect sensitive […]

Experts Comments On Dexphot Polymorphic Malware Detection

According to this link: (https://www.microsoft.com/security/blog/2019/11/26/insights-from-one-year-of-tracking-a-polymorphic-threat/,) A Dexphot campaign was first spotted in October 2018 affecting thousands of computers, with attackers upgrading the malware over the following months to a level that left little to analyse. The threat had a surge in mid-June this year, when it landed on tens of thousands of computers. Towards the end of […]

Automated Systems Only: Why CISOs Should Switch Off Their Dumb Machines

Cyber security is supposed to reduce risk and be cost effective at the same time. It’s supposed to take the burden of legwork away from the CISO and his or her team. It’s supposed to reduce the financial and reputational risk posed by malicious actors in an efficient, intelligent manner. What it’s not supposed to […]

Experts On Vistaprint Database Breach

Access to High-Value Company Information

Security researchers have identified an exposed database belonging to online printing giant, Vistaprint.  A spokesperson from Vistaprint has confirmed the unencrypted database exposed data from customers in the US, UK and Ireland. Vistaprint exposes customer data via unsecured database – #security #privacy #cloud https://t.co/OsFTeB2aXf — Nigel Gibbons (@NRG_fx) November 26, 2019

Black Friday Security Tips By Experts

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up fast, here are security and privacy tips for online shopping from experts with KnowBe4 and Cequence Security.