Deepfake Videos: When Good Tech Goes Bad

Cybercrooks Selling Fake Digital Certificates

More than a decade ago leading UK investigative journalist Nick Davies published Flat Earth News, an exposé of how the mass media had abdicated its responsibility to the truth. Newsroom pressure to publish more stories, faster than their competitors had, Davies argued, led to journalists becoming mere “churnalists”, rushing out articles so fast that they […]

Privacy Advocate On Apple’s New Privacy Offensive

Extraordinary Financial Performance for 2015

Apple has launched yet another privacy offensive which stresses the differences between its business model and that of Google and Facebook. In a series of white papers published on Wednesday the company has set out the technical details behind its privacy features, which are not simply a marketing tactic for Apple but also a direct method of […]

Experts Comments On Billabong And Quiksilver Hit By Cyber Attack

t has been reported that hackers have launched a cyber-attack on the Billabong and Quiksilver websites. Boardriders Inc, the US company which owns Quiksilver and Billabong – both founded in Australia – was targeted by international hackers two weeks ago. Customers are still reporting problems while using the company’s websites. The Californian-based company’s international operations, IT systems, communications, sales and […]

Security Intelligence Expert On Cisco Routers Embedded Encryption Keys Security Issue

Preparing Security Standards for Consumer Routers

Ssecurity researchers revealed that several Cisco routers aimed at small businesses have the same embedded encryption keys. This can make it much easier for hackers to gain privileged access to the device. You can find more details on the story here. وجد باحثون في مجال الأمن ان برامج التشغيل لعدد من أجهزه Cisco Router للشركات الصغيرة […]

Expert Advise On IoT In Wake Of Recent Ring Doorbells Expose

The Problem with Backdoors

Security researchers have found a vulnerability in Amazon Ring Doorbells that exposed the passwords for the Wi-Fi networks to which they were connected. Bitdefender said the Amazon-owned doorbell was sending owners’ Wi-Fi passwords in cleartext as the doorbell joins the local network, allowing nearby hackers to intercept the Wi-Fi password and gain access to the network to […]

Comments On The Financial Industry’s Annual “Quantum Dawn” Exercise Highlights ‘Doomsday’ Cybersecurity Measures

The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association has held its fifth exercise, in a series, simulating a catastrophic cybersecurity event in the banking sector, known as “Quantum Dawn.” The annual exercise provides valuable insight into what the financial services industry views as the most contemporary doomsday scenario and how major players are preparing for it. […]