The Role Of SaaS In Network Security

Cloud-based network security solutions are becoming increasingly prevalent, and it’s not difficult to understand why when the two worlds responsible for it are currently colliding. On one side, the ever-increasing cybersecurity discussion is forcing companies to take drastic and immediate action, often in response to a climate that may well change only months later. And […]

Awareness Advocate On University Of Hertordshire Shares Personal Details Of 2,000 Students

A university is investigating after mistakenly sharing the personal details of about 2,000 students in an email promoting a lecture. The email from the Creative Arts school at the University of Hertfordshire included an attachment with the recipients’ names and email addresses. The university said it had contacted the data protection watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s […]

Expert Advise: SmarterASP.NET Infected By Ransomware

SmarterASP.NET, an ASP.NET hosting provider with more than 440,000 customers, was hit by ransomware yesterday. The company is the third major web hosting firm this year that went down because hackers breached their network and encrypted data on customer servers. More on the story here:

Experts Comments On WordPress Sites Hit By Malware – WP-VCD

An old malware known as WP-VCD, has been resurrected and is targeting WordPress websites according to security researchers at Wordfence. How To Secure wp-vcd.php Malware Attack In WordPress Websites And Stay Protected#security #technology#blogging #datainsights #d… — Sarthak Roy (@sarthak2002) November 11, 2019

Security Expert On ConnectWise Ransomware Attacks

Experts comments on the recent ConnectWise’s announcement that hackers have targeted on-premise Automate systems so they can take over servers and then deploy ransomware across a company’s entire computer fleet. More than 100,000 IT professional users are advised to block access to ConnectWise Automate servers. We want to inform you there are recent reports of […]