Why Half The Fortune 500 Suffered Hacked – Expert Insight

A new study found that over half of the Fortune 500 are regularly exposed to remote access hacks. A majority of these occur via remote working features that are rarely considered vulnerabilities. The study also found that these attacks happened regardless of the company’s technical expertise or cybersecurity budget.

Expert Comments On The Use Of Public USB Charging Stations

Travelers are advised to avoid using public USB power charging stations in airports, hotels, and other locations because they may contain dangerous malware, the Los Angeles District Attorney said in a security alert published last week. USB connections were designed to work as both data and power transfer mediums, with no strict barrier between the […]

The Human Factor In Organisational Cyber Resilience

The academic and industry literature is full of extremely useful research, insights and advice on how people interface with security technology and how that interaction can be enhanced to reduce the chance of a malicious attack. However, the role of the human in enhancing the overall resilience of an organisation operating within an environment where […]