Expert Comments On Audit Voting Machine Arlo

The CISA and the DHS’s main cyber division announced the launch of Arlo, a new tool to help election and government officials audit voting machines to determine they’ve been tampered with, and it has already been distributed in six states.

Thousands Of Enterprises At Risk Due To Oracle EBS Critical Flaws – Experts Comments

It has been reported that two critical security vulnerabilities in Oracle’s E-Business Suite (EBS) could allow potential attackers to take full control over a company’s entire enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. The Oracle EBS improper access control flaws come with CVSS scores of 9.9 out of 10. If successfully exploited in an attack, the two security flaws enable threat actors to avoid […]

Panorays Comments On PayMyTab Data Leak

Data Leak

A misconfigured Amazon Web Server is to blame for the exposure of information from tens of thousands of customers from PayMyTab, a company that works with restaurants to provide mobile and card terminals. The exposure was discovered after security researchers received a tip and verified the that the information was exposed on the Internet.

New Roboto Botnet Targets Linux Servers Running Webmin – PerimeterX Comments

According to Netlab researchers, a cybercrime group is enslaving Linux servers running vulnerable Webmin apps into a new botnet that they have named “Roboto.”  Its appearance dates back to summer and is linked to the disclosure of a major security flaw in a web app installed on more than 215,000 servers.

Comment: Notorious Iranian Hacking Crew Is Targeting Industrial Control Systems

It has been reported that one of Iran’s most active hacker groups appears to have shifted focus. Rather than just standard IT networks, they’re targeting the physical control systems used in electric utilities, manufacturing, and oil refineries. At the CyberwarCon conference today, a Microsoft security researcher plans to present new findings that show this shift in the activity of the […]