IBM AI Innovations Sharpen Risk Detection In Identity Management

More Individualized Approach Helps Optimize Both Security & User Experience IBM (NYSE: IBM) Security today announced it is extending its artificial intelligence (AI) technology originally developed to protect users in the financial services industry, to clients in all industries via the company’s identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) offering. IBM Cloud Identity now features AI-based adaptive access capabilities that […]

Cybereason’s Nocturnus Researchers Discover Widescale Hacking Operation Targeting Financial Institutions In The United States And Europe

Cybereason, creators of the leading Cyber Defense Platform, today released an investigative research report from its Nocturnus Research Group titled ‘Dropping Anchor: From a TrickBot Infection to the Discovery of the Anchor Malware’ looking at a new series of hacking campaigns against financial, manufacturing, and retail businesses across the United States and Europe. “We chose not to […]

460K+ Payment Cards Sold On Black Market Forum – Data Security Expert Comments

Researchers monitoring activity on underground markets found that more than 460,000 payment card records were offered for sale in two days on a popular forum where such data is being traded. The card info is split into four databases sold separately and offered in two rounds, on October 28 and November 27. Eight-five to 90% […]

Hundreds Of Counterfeit Online Shoe Stores Injected With Credit Card Skimmer – Comments

Malwarebytes researchers have discovered a credit card skimmer injected into hundreds of fraudulent sites selling brand name shoes. Many of these sites have been infected with malware that skims credit card information during the checkout process. All of the sites were running outdated versions of the Magento e-commerce platform and the PHP programming language it […]

Why Holiday Season = Hacking Season

The amount and variety of cyber threats is constantly increasing. Although awareness among potential victims is on the rise, attackers continue to develop more sophisticated threats and the drivers to hack become more dominant as the potential gain from a successful cyberattack keeps growing. Hackers also constantly improve their ability to lure, which is crucial […]

KeyWe Smart Lock Vulnerabilities — Commentary

This morning, Finnish security company F-Secure disclosed a number of vulnerabilities in the KeyWe Smart Lock, which is marketed as the “smartest lock ever” and advertised for unlocking doors through a mobile app. Security researchers discovered that cyberattackers could intercept network traffic between a user’s mobile app and the smart lock itself, ultimately gaining access to the […]