Comments On FBI Advise For Holiday Shopping

FBI Ransomware report

The FBI has issued advise to keep consumers safe during the online holiday shopping season. Some of the advise includes making sure the online company has a physical address and working phone number, be wary of special offers and more. 🎅🎄Avoid the Cyber Grinch! The FBI has issued a guideline for safe online shopping this holiday season. […]

1 Billion Email And Password Combinations Leaked – Expert Comment


Over one billion email and password combinations were leaked online by an unnamed party–  giving bad actors the information necessary to conduct countless credential stuffing or other spam campaigns. The unsecured database primarily features emails from Chinese domains, as well as numerous Gmail and Yahoo addresses.

Magecart Scripts Steal Credit Card Info On Counterfeit Sneaker Sites

Sites selling counterfeit kicks have sprung up to capitalize on demand for the latest Nike and Adidas sneakers. To add insult to injury, hackers are now targeting these sites to install malicious Magecart scripts that also steal your credit card information.

New Phishing Campaign Targeting Gov’t Departments Around The World – Commentary From Email Security Expert

Researchers from Anomali discovered a new, mysterious phishing campaign that attempts to the steal login credentials from government departments from around the world. In total, the attacks have targeted at least 22 different organizations across North America, Europe and Asia. The attacks consist of emails pretending to be related to the targeted government agencies and attempts […]

Malware Variety Grows By 13.7% In 2019 Due To Web Skimmers

In 2019, the number of unique malicious objects detected by Kaspersky’s web antivirus solution rose by an eighth, compared to last year — reaching 24,610,126. This growth was mainly influenced by a 187% rise in web skimmer files. Other threats, such as backdoors and banking Trojans detected in-lab, also grew, while the presence of miners […]