Security Experts On Texas School District Loses $2.3m In Phishing Scam

The Manor Independent School District, which is located about 20 minutes away from the state capital, Austin, reported that it had been hit with a phishing scam on Friday. According to CNN, the scam involved three separate fraudulent transactions that were carried out in November. The school district reported that the local police department and the FBI are […]

Multiple Hacking Groups Attempt To Skim Credit Cards From Perricone MD – Experts View

Expose Credit Card Data

According to researchers, multiple European websites for the Perricone MD anti-aging skin-care brand have been infected with scripts that steal customer payment card info when making a purchase. Two Magecart groups were competing for the credit card data on sites in the U.K., Italy, and Germany, but current evidence shows that only one exfiltrated the details […]

Experts On News: PayPal Confirms High-severity Password Vulnerability

PayPal has recently confirmed that a researcher found a high-severity security vulnerability in CAPTCHA that could expose user passwords to an attacker. The researcher, Alex Birsan, earned a bug bounty of $15,300 (£11,700) for reporting the problem, which was disclosed January 8 having been patched by PayPal on December 11, 2019.