Comments: Dating Apps Leak Personal Data

Data Leak

Dating apps including Grindr, OkCupid and Tinder leak personal information to advertising tech companies in possible violation of European data privacy laws, a Norwegian consumer group said in a report Tuesday.  The Norwegian Consumer Council said it found “serious privacy infringements” in its analysis of how shadowy online ad companies track and profile smartphone users.  The council, […]

Major Flaw In Windows 10 Discovered By The NSA – Experts Reactions

Windows 10, Privacy 0?

Microsoft has released a software update to fix an extraordinarily serious security vulnerability in a core cryptographic component present in all versions of Windows. Sources say Microsoft has quietly shipped a patch for the bug to branches of the U.S. military and to other high-value customers/targets that manage key Internet infrastructure, and that those organisations have been […]

Expert On News: Trump Attacks Apple Over Access To Data

Developers and Publishers Must Act to Protect Apps

US President Donald Trump has attacked Apple over their refusal to unlock iPhones “used by killers, drug dealers and other violent criminal elements”.  On Monday US Attorney General William Barr accused Apple of not being helpful in an inquiry into a shooting that is being treated as a terrorist act.   

49 Million User Records Leaked From US Data Broker LimeLeads – Experts Reactions


Data from an exposed LimeLeads Elasticsearch server has ended up on a hacking forum, being sold by a well-known individual on underground hacking forums named Omnichorus, who has build a reputation for sharing and selling hacked and stolen data. A huge database of 49 million business contacts sold online on a underground hacking forum * […]

Experts Advise On Microsoft Issues Patch To Fix Severe Vulnerability Discovered In Windows

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Brian Krebs posted a story last night about an emergency patch Microsoft sent to government agencies, branches of the US military and other organisations responsible for managing internet infrastructure. The vulnerability in question resides in a Windows component known as crypt32.dll, a Windows module that Microsoft says handles “certificate and cryptographic messaging functions in the CryptoAPI.” The Microsoft CryptoAPI provides services […]