Security Expert On P&N Bank Breach

P&N‌ Bank in West Australia (WA) is informing its customers that hackers may have accessed personal information stored on its systems following a cyber attack. The financial organisation says in the breach notification sent to customers that the compromised system contained the following information: names, addresses, emails, age, customer and account numbers, as well as […]

Google Introduces iPhones As Physical Two-factor Security Keys


As reported by Digital Trends, Google has today announced that iPhones can now function as physical two-factor security keys for logging into the company’s own services like Gmail in Chrome. This authentication method, Google claims, is a lot more secure than ordinary two-factor prompts, as it requires the iPhone to be physically in the computer’s proximity.

Experts Comments On World Economic Forum Lists Cyber Threats In Its List Of Top 10 Short And Long-term Risks

Relayware adds one millionth channel partner

Yesterday saw the release of the 15th edition of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report. According to the report, both sets of respondents to the Global Risks Perception Survey—the multi-stakeholder community and the Global Shapers—identify cyber-related issues, such as cyberattacks on critical infrastructure and data fraud or theft, within the list of top 10 short and long-term […]

Thousands Of British Passports Left Exposed On Unsecured AWS Bucket

Amazon authentication

It has been reported that an unsecured database on Amazon has been discovered, exposing sensitive information and passport scans on thousands of employees. The information, including thousands of passport scans, tax documents, background checks, job applications, expense forms, scanned contracts, emails, and salary details, was stored on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket. The […]

Russians Hack Ukrainian Gas Company – Experts Comments

Russian military hackers have been boring into the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, at the centre of the Trump impeachment affair, according to security experts. The hacking attempts against Burisma, on whose board Hunter Biden (Joe Biden’s son) served, began in early November, as talk of the Bidens, Ukraine and impeachment was dominating the news in the […]

Breaking: Mobile Banking Trojan Draining Users’ Accts – Expert Commentary

The resurgence of an Android banking trojan, dubbed Faketoken, is draining victim’s banking accounts to fuel offensive mass text campaigns targeting mobile devices from all over the world. Besides using fake logins and phishing overlay screens to steal credentials and exfiltrate mTAN numbers used by banks to validate online transactions, the malware can also generate customized phishing […]

Emotet Malware Phishing Campaign Targeting UN – Email Security Expert Commentary

Emotet operators launched a sophisticated phishing attack against email addresses associated with users at the United Nations. The Emotet attackers are impersonating representatives of Norway at the United Nations in New York by sending malicious emails that state that there is a problem with an attached signed agreement to UN employees. If a victim opens […]