Citibank Phishing – Expert Comment And Analysis From Lucy Security CEO Colin Bastable

Colin Bastable, CEO of security awareness & training company Lucy Security, has issued comment and analysis of the newly reported Citibank phishing scam. Experts Comments January 24, 2020 Colin Bastable + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CEO Lucy Security Any hacker can add a certificate to a phishing site. Even a free, 90-day one from the certificate […]

NETGEAR TLS Certs Exposure – Expert Source

NETGEAR recently issued a security advisory about a Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate private key disclosure vulnerability on several of its routers. And this is apparently not the first time the company left TLS certificates and private keys exposed in their wireless router firmware. The certificates and their private keys were embedded into the software, which was […]

How Machine Learning Is Changing The Face Of Financial Services

Machine Learning is Cybersecurity’s Latest Pipe Dream

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become integrated into our everyday lives. It powers what we see in our social media newsfeeds, activates facial recognition (to unlock our smartphones), and even suggests music for us to listen to. Machine learning, a subset of AI, is progressively integrating into our everyday and changing how we live and make decisions.  Machine Learning […]

Cybersecurity Experts Weigh In On Jan. 28 Data Privacy Day

data privacy

This coming Tuesday, January 28, marks International Data Privacy Day.  Powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance, Data Privacy Day “encourages consumers to own their privacy and businesses to improve their data privacy practices.” Experts Comments January 28, 2020 Charles Southwood + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Regional Vice President, Northern Europe and MEA Denodo In […]

TrickBot Steals AD Credentials – Expert Comments

Legit Login Credentials

Active Directory expert Gerrit Lansing, field CTO at STEALTHbits Technologies, addressed this week’s discovery of a new module for the TrickBot trojan that targets the Active Directory database stored on compromised Windows domain controllers. Experts Comments January 24, 2020 Gerrit Lansing + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Field CTO STEALTHbits Technologies A compromise of NTDS.dit is one […]

Never-Before-Seen Malware Downloader In Phishing Emails Targeting US Gov Agencies – Expert Commentary

Cybercriminals targeted a U.S. government agency with a spear-phishing campaign that leverages the increasing geopolitical relations issues surrounding North Korea to lure targets into opening malicious email attachments that contain malware strains, including a never-before-seen malware downloader, coined “Carrotball”. The fraudulent emails were sent from four different Russian email addresses to 10 unique targets. Experts Comments January […]