New Ransomware Ekans – Expert Analysis

A new type of ransomware, Ekans, has been developed and has been created to specifically target Windows systems used within industrial control systems. Below security expert provides an analysis of this new ransomware.  

Dundee And Angus College Cyber Attack – Expert Analysis

Dundee and Angus College has remained closed today after a recent cyber attack, which occurred late last week. The College computer systems were shut down, and students have been asked to reset their passwords before attempting to access online college systems. The College’s Principal has released a statement saying that they do not believe this […]

Security Is A Process, Not A One-Time Project

There is no question that digitalisation has brought newfound opportunity to businesses; however, as we are all painfully aware, it has also made them more vulnerable to security risks. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s the human factor which is increasingly the weakest link in the security chain. Whether it’s the rise of remote working with people choosing […]

Being Prepared For Iranian Cyber Attacks

With problems in Iran, American businesses need to have a heightened sense of awareness around potential cyberattacks.  What can businesses do and what should they be aware of? The first thing people/companies need to be doing is training their staff on what to look out for. This is where we see most of the organizations […]

(ISC)2 Security Congress 2020 Opens Call For Speakers

(ISC)² Opens Call for Expert Cybersecurity Speakers for 2020 Security Congress Annual conference brings together experts from around the world to tackle the most pressing issues in cybersecurity (ISC)² – the world’s largest nonprofit membership association of certified cybersecurity professionals – today announced a global call for speakers for its tenth annual Security Congress conference this year in […]

AppSec Lessons Learned In 2019

People are abuzz right now with trend predictions for 2020. It’s like putting the cart before the horse. Before we start making assumptions about what we think will happen this year, we need to take stock with what we know happened in 2019. What types of threats continued to haunt us? Have we cracked (no […]

Cleaners Used To Hack Businesses

Criminal gangs are planting “sleepers” in cleaning companies so that they can physically access IT infrastructure, the lead officer of the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit told a recent SINET security event. He said that he was seeing a “much larger increase in physical breaches” as cybercrime groups diversify how they attack, as […]

Experts On Study Finds Red Teams OK To Push Ethical Limits But Not On Themselves

Newly released research, which looks at the ethics involved in offensive security engagements, finds that security professionals, like red teamers and incident responders, are more likely to find it ethically acceptable to conduct certain kinds of hacking activities on other people than they are with having those activities run against themselves