Expert Analysis On Attacker Used Twitter API To Match Usernames To Passwords

Twitter has disclosed a security incident involving the abuse of one of its official API features. Twitter admitted a flaw in its backend systems was exploited to discover the cellphone numbers of potentially millions of users en masse, which could lead to their de-anonymization through the exploitable API which has already been abused by systems […]

The Importance Of Educating Staff On Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity should be a priority for all businesses and there is no excuse for failing to take the matter seriously in 2020. Staff must be adequately equipped to deal with threats; businesses must understand the importance of adhering to data protection laws; and consumers should be aware of their rights.  The importance of educating staff […]

On Google Sending Videos To Wrong Users

Google has reached out to users to apologize after a “technical issue” saw videos uploaded to another user’s archives. In an email, the search engine giant said the issue affected the Google “download your data” service — called Google Takeout — for Google Photos in November last year. Experts Comments February 06, 2020 Josh Bohls + Follow […]

Experts On Adoption Of Facial Recognition

From online education to voting to dating apps, online companies are starting to institute physical biometrics to identify individuals through facial recognition.   Experts Comments February 05, 2020 Justin Fox + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Director of DevOps Engineering NuData Security Facial recognition is becoming a key technology across industry verticals, including education, voting, […]

YouTube Deepfake Ban – Expert Commentary

Counterfeits and Copies

The Google-owned video service’s move comes amid growing concern about so-called "deepfake" videos altered by using artificial intelligence. — NewsClick (@newsclickin) February 4, 2020 Experts Comments February 05, 2020 Robert Prigge + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CEO Jumio Because deepfakes have proven to spread misinformation and damage reputations, regulation is critical. YouTube’s decision […]