Google Docs Phishing Scam – Expert Insight

As reported by Scamicide, there is a new phishing scam riding on the back of Google Docs attachments. A phishing email is sent to unsuspecting victims that urges you to click on a Google Docs link. Clicking on the link will turn over your email account to the scammer which not only will give the hacker […]

Hackers Using Oscar Nominated Movies As Bait To Phish And Spread Malware

Attackers are exploiting the hype surrounding this year’s Oscar Best Picture nominated movies to infect fans with malware and to bait them to phishing websites designed to steal sensitive info such as credit card details and personal information. This method is the perfect way to get around movie fans’ defenses seeing that many of them are […]

Experts On New Banking Trojan Tricks Users To Retype Passwords Only For Them To Be Stolen

Brolux Trojan Targeting Japanese Online Bankers

A trojan malware campaign is targeting online banking users around the world with the aim of stealing credit card information, finances and other personal details. Detailed by cybersecurity researchers at Fortinet, the Metamorfo banking trojan has targeted users of over 20 online banks in countries around the world including the US, Canada, Peru, Chile, Spain, Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico. […]

Android Phone Users Targeted By Latest Anubis Banking Trojan Campaign – Expert Reaction

Android users are targeted in a phishing campaign that will infect their devices with the Anubis banking Trojan that can steal financial information from more than 250 banking and shopping applications. The campaign uses a devious method to get the potential victims to install the malware on their devices: it asks them to enable Google Play Protect while actually disabling it […]