Microsoft’s February 2020 Patch Tuesday Fixes 99 Security Bugs – Expert Insight

It has been reported that Microsoft has released its February 2020 Patch Tuesday security updates. This month’s updates include fixes for a whopping 99 vulnerabilities, making this Microsoft’s biggest Patch Tuesday known to date. The highlight of this month’s security train represents the fix for CVE-2020-0674, a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer. Experts Comments February 13, 2020 Satnam Narang […]

Coronavirus Emotet – Expert Analysis

Cyber criminals are spreading the highly dangerous off-the-shelf Emotet, a phishing Trojan-turned-botnet, by exploiting widespread fears of infection by the novel coronavirus, according to ComputerWeekly. Disguised as an email from a provider of disability welfare services, the Emotet coronavirus campaign has targeted users in several Japanese prefectures. This is not the first time that hackers and […]

Expert Comments On Top Counterintelligence Official Challenges Private Sector To Step Up Defences Against Foreign Spying

The U.S. government’s top counterintelligence official has challenged the private sector to step up and take responsibility for protecting its systems and sensitive data from foreign spying. William Evanina, director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, said that “with the private sector and democratic institutions increasingly under attack, this is no longer a problem […]

Reducing The Risk Of ICO Enforcement Notices And Penalties Under The GDPR

Since the GDPR regulations came into force on 25 May 2018, there have been hundreds of thousands of GDPR breaches resulting in enforcement action for non-compliance and /or penalties for data protection breaches. With regards to the latter, regulators across Europe have imposed much more severe penalties than previously seen under the Data Protection Act […]

Global Tension Points To A Future Of Destructive Malware

MPs and Peers must Engage with Tech Sector

Geopolitical tension has a long-tail effect in cyberspace. In the aftermath of major political or military incidents, beneath the public posturing, nation state cyber actors are already under orders to conduct campaigns aimed at countering the incident, spreading disinformation or straightforward revenge. This evolves into a cat and mouse game played out in cyberspace where […]

Security Experts Analysis Of FBI Crime Report

In its new FBI Internet Crime Report, the FBI said it received 467,361 internet and cyber-crime complaints in 2019, and that almost half of the reported losses — an estimated $1.77 billion — came from reports of BEC (Business Email Compromise), also known as EAC (Email Account Compromise) crimes. FBI Internet Crime Report 2019: Experts Comments […]

Average Tenure Of CISOs Is Just 26 Months, Thanks To Heightened Stress Leading To Burnout

New research by Nominet has found that heightened stress levels has led to mental and physical health issues, relationship problems, medication and alcohol abuse, and in some cases an eventual burnout, resulting in an average 26-month tenure before CISOs find new employment. The vast majority of interviewed CISO executives (88%) report high levels of stress, […]

1 In 10 Use Stalkerware To Track Partners And Exes

Around a tenth of Americans use stalkerware to track partners and exes, according to CNET. Men are more than twice as likely than women to use the apps, according to the poll, which NortonLifeLock conducted in partnership with the Harris Poll. As these apps run in the background, victims often have no knowledge that stalkerware has […]

Expert on Report: Mismanaged Key & Digital Certificates

latest retail data breaches

It was recently reported that the majority of organisations (73%) continue to experience unplanned downtime and outages due to mismanaged digital certificates. More than half of respondents (55%) have experienced more than 4 certificate-related outages in the past 24 months alone according to this research. Two-thirds of respondents say their organization is adding additional layers […]

Expert Reaction On Google Nest To Require 2FA

Within a few months, Google Nest users will be required to use two-factor authentication (2FA) to access their devices. Google has promised that the new process will integrate seamlessly into the Nest user experience. Experts Comments February 13, 2020 Scott Gordon + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CMO Pulse Secure Security threats must embolden consumer […]