Ordnance Survey Hack – Expert Reaction

In light of the news that a hacker stole the personal data of 1,000 employees of the Ordnance Survey, cybersecurity experts, offered the following comments: Scoop: A hacker stole the personal data of 1,000 employees of the Ordnance Survey, the government-owned mapping agency for Britain. Was "most likely" the result of a targeted #phishing attack. […]

Plans To Move GCSEs Online Despite Potential Pitfalls – Expert Reaction

Regulatory body Qualifications Wales is considering instituting online GCSEs, so that 16 year olds will be tested in a way that fits with their increasing use of technology, according to BBC News. Whilst recent technical issues with exams have highlighted the potential pitfalls of going digital, this shift to online examinations seems to be pushing ahead, […]

Hackers Believe Technology Industry Is Least Secure – CEO Comments

Financial Account Information being Stolen During a Cyber Attack

Today, HackerOne has revealed that hackers believe that the technology industry is the least secure, despite it being seemingly full of digital natives.  This revelation and more is unveiled for the company’s annual Hacker Report, which is a benchmark study of the bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure ecosystem from the perspective of ethical hackers.  See below […]

470,000 WhatsApp Group Invites Available Through Google

A simple Google search could reveal as many as 470,000 WhatsApp group invite links, according to reports. Once an individual finds an invitation, they can join the group and potentially find out members’ phone numbers. It is especially troubling that these invitations have been published online as the messaging app is supposed to facilitate the […]

Let’s Encrypt Launches Multi-perspective Domain Validation – Response From Industry Expert

Let’s Encrypt has launched multi-perspective domain validation, a new feature that aims to bolster network security by limiting the ability of cybercriminals to trick Certificate Authorities into mis-issuing certificates. We are coming up on 1 *BILLION* certificates issued by the Let's Encrypt certificate authority. Each certificate, free to get, and carrying out the mission of […]

Can Bargain Hunting Put Your Company At Risk?

We’re all guilty of it. Finder.com estimates that Americans spend nearly two hours a day shopping online while at work, presumably using work machines. Whether scoping out springtime sales or putting that tax refund to use, this habit effectively makes each bargain-hunting employee a potential insider threat to their organization.  The hard reality is corporate […]