Cyber Threat Intelligence Advisor On More Misinformation From Russia Around COVID-19

With Russia once again being in the news for spreading disinformation regarding COVID-19, cyber threat intelligence advisor commented below. Experts Comments March 24, 2020 Charity Wright + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Cyber Threat Intelligence Advisor IntSights Misinformation and psychological media operations related to the coronavirus pandemic are being conducted all over the world right […]

UK Medical Firm Working On Coronavirus Hit With Maze Ransomware Attack – Expert Insight

Cyber gangsters failed attack on a research firm working on the Covid-19 vaccine, despite earlier claims by many ransomware groups including Maze (the offender) that they would avoid targeting healthcare. Please see the comment below about how the healthcare sector can better protect itself against these type of attacks, including securing the cloud based data that remote working relies […]

Expert On New York’s Shield Act

A major provision of New York’s Shield Act has just gone into effect that broadens the scope of consumer privacy and data security protection and goes much further that other current data privacy laws. New York's SHIELD Act could change companies’ security practices nationwide — KGS Cybersecurity (@KgsSec) March 23, 2020 Experts Comments March 24, 2020 […]

Expert Advise On Microsoft Says Hackers Are Attacking Windows Users With A New Unpatched Bug

Azure SQL and SQL Server 2016

It has been reported that Microsoft says attackers are exploiting a previously undisclosed security vulnerability found in all supported versions of Windows, including Windows 10 – the company said there is currently no patch for the vulnerability. The security flaw, which Microsoft deems “critical” is found in how Windows handles and renders fonts, according to the advisory posted Monday. […]

Elite Hackers Target WHO As Coronavirus Cyberattacks Spike

hackers could easily hijack user accounts

As reported by Reuters, elite hackers tried to break into the World Health Organization earlier this month, part of what a senior agency official said was a more than two-fold increase in cyberattacks. WHO Chief Information Security Officer Flavio Aggio said the identity of the hackers was unclear and the effort was unsuccessful. But he warned […]

The Rise Of The Chief Cybercrime Officer

Improving Breach Response Times and Recovery Costs

The TalkTalk data breach in 2015 was monumental for the cyber security industry. At the time, data breaches were hardly new, but this particular breach resulted in UK MPs recommending that an officer should be appointed with day-to-day responsibility for protecting computer systems from cyber attack. This governmental guidance was not a consequence of the […]

Tech Giant GE Discloses Data Breach – Experts Reaction

Fortune 500 technology giant General Electric (GE) disclosed that personally identifiable information of current and former GE employees, as well as beneficiaries, was exposed in a security incident experienced by one of its service providers. GE says in a notice of data breach filed with the Office of the California Attorney General that Canon Business […]