Cybercriminals Exploit Coronavirus With Wave Of New Scams

Fake EFF Domain to Serve Espionage Malware

With no vaccine yet developed, and with much of the world undergoing intense social distancing measures and near-total lockdown procedures, threat actors are flooding cyberspace with emailed promises of health tips, protective diets, and, most dangerously, cures. Attached to threat actors’ emails are a variety of fraudulent e-books, informational packets, and missed invoices that hide […]

Comment: Zoom Client Leaks Windows Login Credentials To Attackers


The Zoom Windows client is vulnerable to UNC path injection in the client’s chat feature that could allow attackers to steal the Windows credentials of users who click on the link. When using the Zoom client, meeting participants can communicate with each other by sending text messages through a chat interface. When sending a chat message, […]

Experts Reaction On Morrisons Not Liable For 2014 Data Breach, Says Supreme Court

As reported by Computer Weekly, Supermarket chain Morrisons has succeeded in its appeal to the Supreme Court against judgments that held it liable for an insider data breach caused by a disgruntled employee. The breach occurred in 2014 when payroll data on thousands of Morrisons employees was leaked on a file-sharing website by Andrew Skelton, a member of […]

Expert On FCA allowing The Use Of Selfies

The FCA has today announced that it will relax rules around the use of selfies for identification purposes of customers. This is something of a shift for the FCA, and poses some challenges for FS organisations in ensuring that they correctly verify someone’s identity.