The DarkHotel (APT-C-06) Attacked Chinese Institutions Abroad via Exploiting SangFor VPN Vulnerability

In a report published today (, Qihoo 360 made it public that it detected an APT attack that delivers malicious files through hijacked security services of a domestic VPN provider. They have reported the vulnerability details to the service provider and received confirmation. Further reversing shows that the attack can be attributed to the Darkhotel […]

Delayed Chrome Security Update

Google is delaying a Chrome security update to minimize disruption while people are forced to work remotely, according to TechRadar. Back in February, Google started to implement an important change to limit the functionality of third-party cookies in Chrome. Launched in Chrome 80, the cookie changes were designed to help improve the privacy and security […]

Expert Reaction On Microsoft Teams Doubles Down On Security Advice

Windows Encryption Keys Could Expose Users to Hackers

As reported by TechRadar, Microsoft has laid out plans to make its Teams collaboration software more secure than ever as it deals with the remote working boom. The video conferencing service has seen a huge surge in users in recent weeks as workers around the world are forced to work from home. But with competitors […]

NYC Schools Ban Zoom – Cybersecurity/Privacy Experts Comment

Over the weekend, it was reported that Schools in New York City are moving away from using the video conference app Zoom after a review of security concerns. The city’s Department of Education is directing schools to “move away from using Zoom as soon as possible,” Danielle Filson, a department spokeswoman, told CNN in a […]

Businesses Need To Stay On The Front Foot: Expert Advise

Small businesses in the dark about cyber security

With cyber criminals threatening to hold hospitals to ransom and the increased threat of criminals using the Coronavirus outbreak to launch online attacks, individuals and businesses need to ensure they are protecting their personal data and are dedicated to all aspects of security.