Expert Insight On Slack Phishing Attacks Using Webhooks

AT&T Alien Labs recently conducted research into how webhooks in Slack can lead to some pretty convincing phishing attacks. Experts Comments April 17, 2020 Javvad Malik + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Security Awareness Advocate KnowBe4 This is an interesting attack vector against Slack which is among the few popular messaging tools used in organisations. The concerning […]

Wappalyzer Breach – Expert Insight


Following the news that tech company Wappalyzer has disclosed a security incident this week after a hacker began emailing its customers and offering to sell Wappalyzer’s database for $2,000, “If you receive this e-mail it’s because we get the full database of Wappalyzer, and your e-mail is on the database,” the hacker, going by the […]

Cybersecurity Specialist On Banks See Spike In Cyber Attacks

As the impact of COVID-19 leads cybercriminals away from attacking targets in the healthcare and retail sectors, it seems their attentions have been turned to financial institutions instead, according to threat researchers at Carbon Black. Cyber-attacks on banks and other financial institutions accounted for the majority (52%) of all attacks observed in March – up 38% from […]

Why COVID-19 Budget Cuts Shouldn’t Include IT Security Spend – Expert Source

IT leaders and managers are moving beyond business continuity, evaluating budget cuts and tighter spending controls to help weather the COVID-19 crisis and the economy’s certain tailspin. PwC recently released a survey revealing the financial measures top business leaders in the U.S. are evaluating to minimize and manage business impact. Unsurprisingly, more than half of PwC’s survey […]

Google Says It’s Blocking Millions Of COVID-19 Phishing & Spam Emails – Expert Reaction

AdBlocking and Adblocker Blocking

VentureBeat and ZDNet reported this afternoon that Google’s saying it blocked 18 million COVID-19 themed phishing emails last week. The blocked COVID-19 phishing emails targeting Gmail users represent about 2.5% of the 100 million phishing emails Google blocks daily. They also say they’re blocking 240 million COVID-related daily spam messages each day. Experts Comments April 17, 2020 Colin […]

From Toys To Terror – Don’t Look Back

Originally written and published way back in 2014 – and no longer available because of its age. However, given the predictions of the then day, I thought it would be well worth republishing as a reminder to all, that they need to look forward to the emerging Cyber Threats, and not back with the rear-view mirror focus of what has been. […]