NFL Mindful Of Cybersecurity Concerns Ahead Of First Virtual Draft Day


The 2020 NFL draft is slated to start Thursday, and thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be the first virtual version of the event ever presented. This raises a few cybersecurity concerns, according to researchers and the teams themselves — but the NFL is planning on knocking the security ball straight through the uprights. Fans […]

Expert Insight On News: SBA Website Leaks Personal Data Of 8,000 Small-Business Loan Applicants

CNN reported that about 8,000 applicants for federal disaster loans may have had their personal information exposed to others using the loan application site, the Small Business Administration said Tuesday. SBA website leaks personal data of 8,000 small-business loan applicants — Fortune Tech (@FortuneTech) April 21, 2020

Experts On Oil And Gas Targeted In Spear-Phishing Campaign

The espionage hackers masquerading as a well-known Egyptian engineering contractor or a shipment company launched a sophisticated spear-phishing campaign targeting US-based oil and gas companies. What makes this particularly eye catching is the lack of typos, broken grammar and other sloppiness that are typical of phishing emails.

France Asks Apple To Relax iPhone Security For Coronavirus Tracking App Development

The French government has asked Apple to relax a Bluetooth privacy standard that is hampering the development of a mobile application being designed to track the spread of COVID-19. The government is building an app due to be deployed by May 11, according to Bloomberg. However, there are delays due to one of the inbuilt features designed to protect Bluetooth […]

Experts Reaction On Bill Introduced To Put National Security Warnings On TikTok, FaceApp

It has been reported that legislation introduced yesterday could require consumers to click through a warning before downloading software or an app originating from countries deemed a national security risk, including China and Russia. It’s the latest congressional measure to target popular apps like the Russia-based FaceApp and TikTok, owned by the Beijing-based ByteDance, over privacy and security concerns.