Kinomap Data Breach – Expert Commentary

It has been reported that millions of records belonging to users of a fitness technology app were exposed online for almost a month due to a misconfigured database, including a swathe of personal details. Approximately 40GB worth of information belonging to users of Kinomap, a service that creates immersive workout videos for people on rowing and cycling […]

PAAY Database Exposure – Expert Commentary

Paay, a New York-based card payments processor, left about 2.5 million credit card transactions publicly exposed for roughly three weeks. The organization forgot to put password protection on the server, allowing anyone to access the data inside. Specifically, the housed data contains plaintext credit card numbers, expiration dates, the amount spent and partially masked copies […]

Expert Insight On iPhone Zero-Day Hack Found In The Wild

It has been reported that a new potentially serious software vulnerability has been discovered in iOS 13 that works via the default Mail app on iPhone and iPad. ZecOps detailed its findings in a blog post, with the most serious vulnerability of the two affecting the latest iOS 13 public release. According to the researchers, these vulnerabilities are widely exploited in the […]

Experts Comments On iPhone’s Could Be Vulnerable To Email Software Hack

The Wall Street Journal has reported that sophisticated hackers may be attacking Apple Inc. iPhones by exploiting a previously unknown flaw in the smartphone’s email software. ZecOps announced today that a few of its customers were targeted with two zero-day exploits for iOS last year. One of the vulnerabilities showed that it can be triggered remotely and another […]