Warwick University Hides Hack From Students And Staff – Experts Comments

It has been reported that Warwick University was hacked and kept breach secret from students and staff. The security incident occurred when a staff member installed remote-viewing software enabling hackers to steal sensitive personal information on students, staff and even volunteers taking part in research studies. The university’s security system was reportedly so poor, it was impossible for Warwick to detect what data […]

Ransomware Goes Mobile – New Android Ransomware Fabricates Notes From FBI

Security of your Android Devices

A new variant of Russian malware tricks mobile users into encrypting their files, then impersonates the FBI to force ransom payments, accusing the user of downloading illegal pornographic content Malware is downloaded and installed via social media and instant messenger apps as a video player application Lucy sends ransom note under guise of FBI, stating that user’s details have been uploaded […]

Comment: Symlink Race Bugs Discovered In 28 Antivirus Products


It has been reported that security researchers have found “symlink race” vulnerabilities in 28 of today’s most popular antivirus products. The researchers said in a report that the bugs can be exploited by an attacker to delete files used by the antivirus or by the operating system, resulting in crashes or rendering the computer unusable. Given that almost all antivirus software […]

UK Traffic To Film And TV Piracy Sites Up Nearly 60% In Lockdown

Pirated Software and Digital Media Releases

As reported by The Guardian, in the last week of March, visits to film piracy sites were up by 57% compared with the last week of February. Sites allowing viewers to illegally watch TV shows and series saw a 29% increase across the same period. In total there were more than 300m visits to sites allowing […]