What Security Experts Say On Amazon Facial Recognition Falsely Matches?

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Amazon’s controversial facial recognition technology has incorrectly matched more than 100 photos of politicians in the UK and US to police mugshots, a new study by Comparitech.com has revealed. This isn’t the first time the software’s accuracy has been called into question. In July 2018, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) found 28 false matches between US Congress members […]

Michigan State University hit By Ransomware Gang – Cybersecurity Experts Insight

Michigan State University is being targeted with ransomware, and the attackers in this case made the announcement. The operators of the NetWalker (Mailto) ransomware said that they’ve infected the university’s network and have given MSU administrators a week to pay an undisclosed ransom demand to decrypt their files. If MSU officials refuse to pay or choose to restore from […]

Stupid Facebook Mistake Finally Catches Malicious Hacker With 1 Million Stolen Identities

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Another twisted tale from the research team at Check Point has been published on May 28, detailing its investigation to expose the real identity of an infamous super-hacker responsible for attacks on 5,000 websites, the theft of the private data for a least a million people, and the sale of stolen credit cards. Despite the thefts, the UGNazi-affiliated hacker pushed […]

Expert Insight: ZLoader Malware Returns As A Coronavirus Phishing Scam

It appears that banking malware ZLoader has returned to the scene. As reported by Cyware, hackers have distributed the malware as part of a coronavirus-related phishing scam and has reportedly been spotted in over 100 email campaigns since the start of this year. According to Cyware, the malware is still under active development with new variants of the code continuing […]

Expert Reactions On iOS Mail Has ‘Critical’ Security Flaws

As reported by TechRadar, Germany’s federal cybersecurity agency has issued a warning urging all iOS users to install Apple’s latest security updates which patch two zero-click security vulnerabilities that impact the company’s default email app. The vulnerabilities were first discovered by the US-based security firm ZecOps which found that they were being actively exploited in attacks […]