EventBot Steals Banking Passwords And 2FA Codes – Experts Insight

Every Third Company Uses Mobile Devices for Financial Transactions

The research team at Cybereason are investigating a new type of Android malware called EventBot, according to their blog. This malware disguises itself as a legitimate Android app, abusing Android’s in-built accessibility features to obtain deep access to the device’s operating system. Once installed, the EventBot-infected fake app siphons off passwords for more than 200 […]

Security Challenges During The Covid Lockdown

With more remote workers, CIOs now have a range of new challenges and higher levels of uncertainty than before, so here’s how to resolve those issues. The Coronavirus crisis has brought a temporary change in working practices as a considerable proportion of businesses now have large numbers of employees working from home – and in […]

PhantomLace Hackers Drive Spyware Through GooglePlay, Other Android Stores

In response to the new report Hiding in plain sight: PhantomLance walks into a market on a campaign that’s believed to have been underway for years, pushing spyware onto Android devices from the Google Play Store and other Android stores, an expert offers comments. Experts Comments May 01, 2020 Josh Bohls + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Founder […]

Single Layers Of Security Aren’t Enough To Protect Your Organization’s Data

Next to your employees, your organization’s data is its most important resource. A data breach can devastate an organization’s finances and reputation for years. According to the 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report, conducted by Ponemon Institute, the average total cost of a data breach in the U.S. is close to $4 million, and the […]

NHS Contact Tracing App Can Be A Success If Linked To Testing, Study Finds

Study recommends NHS in charge of app, with priority access to testing for those alerted and/or with symptoms It is possible to implement a privacy-respecting contact tracing app that can achieve widespread adoption in the UK, but only if the NHS, rather than the government, run it, researchers at Cass Business School have found. The researchers found […]

Experts Comments On Bugs In WordPress plugins LearnPress, LearnDash, And LifterLMS For Online Courses Let Students Cheat


Researchers disclosed critical-severity flaws in three popular WordPress plugins used widely by colleges and universities. It was discovered that the flaws could be used to steal personal information (including names, emails, usernames, passwords), modify payment schemes, change grades, forge certificates or access tests in advance. These plugins  LearnPress, LearnDash, and LifterLMS are together have been installed on more than 130,000 school websites as part […]

Cybersecurity Expert Reaction On Fingerprints Exposed By OnePlus Vulnerability

DROWN Attack

A OnePlus 7 security flaw could have exposed users’ fingerprints to hackers, according to Trusted Reviews. Although the vulnerability has now been fixed, it has not yet been revealed how long it was present for, meaning that bad actors may have been able to gain access to bitmap fingerprint images. This technology has previously proven to be […]