Cracking The Code To Balance Kubernetes Security With Operational Pace

Kubernetes is fast becoming a cornerstone technology for organisational agility, development speed, and business growth. While it was quickly adopted by major technology companies like Spotify and IBM, its deployment is now widespread across a diverse range of organisations including Goldman Sachs, Nokia, Adidas, and the UK’s Home Office. As companies continue the drive to digital […]

Keeping Digital Identities Secure In The Push To Remote Connectivity

Managing scaling challenges as more employees and devices log on remotely COVID-19 is forcing us to rapidly shift our daily interactions in every scenario. Adjusting and limiting our personal and professional interactions are testing the limitations of protocols put in place within the businesses and institutions we rely on. Business leaders are evaluating every option […]

TLS/ SSL Decryption – One Of The Main Pillars Of Zero Trust Model

In a world where everything and everyone is connected to the internet, in one way or another, it’s hard to imagine a network that is truly secure. Data, large amounts of it, are at the centre of it all. With industries from healthcare to the education sector to the government using the internet to provide […]

Hacking The SATs And ACTs – Expert Comments

Hack of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center

Experts Comments May 04, 2020 Quentin Rhoads-Herrera + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Director of Professional Services CRITICALSTART With reports that students might soon be able to take college admissions exams remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one challenge that is being potentially overlooked and that needs serious vetting is security. Anything that is done […]

Le Figaro Database Exposure – Expert Commentary

The Le Figaro, a French daily newspaper, exposed roughly 7.4 billion records containing personally identifiable information (PII) of reporters and employees, as well as of at least 42,000 users. The data exposed by this misconfigure could be used by fraudsters for identity theft and fraud, for credential phishing attacks. Due to the fact that there were no passwords on […]

How To Build Multi-Cultural Security Programs For Global Organizations

As organizations become global, often so do their security teams. Increasingly, CISOs are being asked to staff and organize security teams that support the organization locally across a variety of geographies – it’s no longer just about building a 24/7, world-wide security operations center (SOC). Now, security teams must address complications that account for local […]

Half a million Zoom Logins Up For Sale At A Penny Each – Expert Reaction

Over the weekend The Times reported that hackers have put more than 500,000 Zoom logins up for sale on the dark web at a penny each.   The National Cyber Security Centre has issued a warning advising that meetings should always be protected by passwords and links to them should not be shared publicly, only the person hosting […]